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    Search Hints and Examples
1 Be concise! E.g. use "bird New Zealand" instead of "bird images taken in New Zealand" or "half-timbered house black forest" instead of "half-timbered houses in the black forest" etc.
2 The match any word option allows you to broaden your search to several words that can be similar or synonymous in meaning. E.g. conducting such a search with "sunset dusk" produces more results than a search with "sunset" or "dusk" alone.
mono landmark London
landmark London
3 The match all words option is designed to help you narrow down your search. Searching for "bird New Zealand" produces results that are less numerous and more specific compared to a search with "bird" alone.
4 You can also limit your search to images that have a particular orientation (vertical or horizontal) or that are black and white. E.g to find black and white images of landmarks in London type "landmark London" and tick the b/w only box.
5 If you have trouble finding what you are looking for, take a look at this list of available keywords.

Search the image archives
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*Note: By default, the search operates also on the image location information (continent, country and place).
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